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IlluminAsia 2017 was a celebration of Smithsonian's Freer|Sackler's reopening and the DMV Asian-American community. I was asked to create a zine activity accessible to attendees of all ages, so I collaborated with some local AAPI food businesses (and ganked one of my mom's recipes) to create this DIY zine cookbook! Attendees could pick a standard, color-your-own, or draw-your-own cover and assemble their own zine cookbook to take home after decorating the cover to their heart's content. 

Buddae jjigae recipe courtesy of Belinda Prattis of Dinner on Demand B'more
Pinakbet recipe courtesy of Dylan Ubaldo of Calasag Pop-Up
Risograph printing courtesy of Ipsy Bipsy Studio


coconut sticky rice - merged.jpg
karipap - merged.jpg
buddae jjigae-merged.jpg
pinakbet - merged.jpg
back cover - merged.jpg


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